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Film South African

Real men on a long journey And what makes a real pirate? The ratio of captured ships? The number of hidden treasures? The highest ransom for a hostage? Far from it, because on such a banal superlatives can be our hero "pirate captain", a pirate world, no longer. A pirate of his caliber casino has only one goal: The most coveted award for "Best Pirate of the Year" to be allowed to receive. But the competition is South Africa online casino tough this year because the same two rivals of the pirate captain he want to contest the title. Boxhorn to hunt can be the pirate captain confessed, however. He scratches his team around him and begins his plunder. He fights with wind, weather adversity and the size of a voracious whale. In faraway London, it is even the offer altogether unamüsierten Queen Victoria's forehead. Yes, the title of "Pirate of the Year" to be earned. A true listening to the legendary voices of Klaas South African Heuer circulation and Joko Winterscheidt in them on the body of pirates tailored roles, as well as the enchanting Bettina Zimmerman Cutlass Liz. The original radio play for Kinofi is from 13 lm April commercially available.

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