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As a captain on the high seas In "Port Royale 3", players now have casino the opportunity to experience first hand this exciting time. Starting as a young captain, it is the most powerful man in the game of the New World to rise. These were done first before the election, this challenge as a privateer or a merchant to accept. While waiting for the adventurer wild sea battles, pirate raids, the siege of coastal cities and their plunder, it goes to the commercially oriented players view to set up new trade routes and to secure and build Australian production facilities. In any case, immense wealth and power are accumulating - which can be combined in endless play both campaigns to create a unique scenario. It is also possible in this third part of the world famous "Port Royale" series for casino australian the first time, that measure up to four players via LAN or Internet in multiplayer mode. Therefore there are 16 different ship types, and a commercial area with 60 completely different cities of Port-au-Prince to Tortuga, impressive 3D graphics. For the PC shows "Port Royale 3" on 4 May, the versions for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 follow at the end of August.

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